Lawn lamp LED solar lighting trend


As a new green energy, solar energy has been promoted and applied rapidly with its incomparable advantages. As the fourth generation of new light source, it has been effectively used in city lighting, road lighting, courtyard lighting, indoor lighting and other fields of lighting and application. Especially in remote areas without electricity, solar lighting lamps have a broad application prospect.

The average person thinks, energy-saving lamp can save energy 4/5 is great innovation, but LED is more than energy-saving lamp 1/4, this is solid light source great innovation.

In addition, LED also has the advantages of high light quality, basically no radiation, reliability and durability, and extremely low maintenance cost. It is a typical green lighting source.

The successful development of ultra-bright LED greatly reduces the use cost of solar energy lamps, making them reach or close to the cost quotation of initial installation of power frequency ac lighting system, and has the advantages of environmental protection, easy installation, safe operation, economic and energy-saving. Due to the advantages of high light efficiency and low calorific value, LED has been more and more applied in the field of lighting and has shown a trend of replacing traditional lighting sources.

In the west of China, non-main street solar street lamp, solar courtyard lamp gradually into scale. With the development of solar lamps, "green lighting" will become a trend. Lawn lamp has the advantages of safety, energy saving, convenience and environmental protection.

Apply to residential community green lawn beautification lighting ornament, park lawn beautification ornament.